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How to start with review stream and get paid?

I would like to share  simple steps on how to start with review stream and get paid. Although I have not yet earned the minimum amount ($50) to get paid in my paypal account for writing reviews in review stream, I am eager to continue writing reviews and everyday as I write I learned some new ways and it makes me easier to write reviews. If you still don’t know where to start let me help you with my simple steps.

Simple Steps on how to write reviews in Review Stream

  1. Go to Review Stream website.
  2. Click on Write Review that is very visible the website.
  3. Once you click the Write Review, a new page will show then you must provide the necessary informations that were asked on the left side of the page:

Your Name Penname (check your desired penname first if it is available/ you may not use your true name)

Email address (make sure to provide your email address that you registered in your paypal account)

Review Title (make sure you write the specific name of the product and place like Olay Natural light healthy fairness cream or  Makati Shangrila hotel in Makati, Philippines.)

Location address (optional)

Your Review (place where you can write your reviews)

Rating (rating is from 1 to 10,  one  is the lowest)

Optional if you wanted to be contacted using your AIM, yahoo messenger or google account

Lastly, you should tick the last three boxes make sure you also read about the Terms and conditions, IMPORTANT to certify and it is up to you if you wanted to be paid in bulk rate which is $0.50 (depending on their current rate) but I recommend you tick it so it will not be a waste of time to edit again your review and wait for a couple of days to re-submit it again.

4.  Before submitting your review, check again of all if  the necessary informations were correctly filled.

After submitting a review. you may check the status of review on the control panel that you can find on the screen page that will appear after clicking submit. It would normally take up to 72 hours excluding weekends and holidays before they approve or disapprove it so I would suggest to write reviews on week days.

On my next post I will share my simple tips on writing reviews.

Get paid by writing reviews, my project

I started writing reviews for Review stream since two months ago but I was too lazy to write a reviews during those times because I only created five reviews but here I am again trying to continue writing reviews since I treat this as a journal to some of the products that I have used. The earnings from review stream is not that big but you can actually earn from this website, you don’t have to own a blog or website or you don’t even have to register in a long method, you just have to write in their website and complete the necessary details to write the review. Review Stream will be one of my make money project since I am only doing this part time and I wanted to share my reviews to certain product so that the companies can improve their product and also help those who wanted to know about the products that I reviewed.

Currently, I have earned $4.50 for writing certain reviews from them. I will be updating this make money project with review stream and I am targeting to earn at least $2.50 or $1 per day writing reviews in just 30 minutes to one hour.

If you wanted to write reviews and earn you may visit their site at  Make Money at . Let us make money now. Don’t know how to start, visit my post on how to start with review stream and get paid?

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