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Bayantel Internet Connection Speed Upgrade

I have been using bayantel internet connection as my Internet Service Provider for almost four years now. Bayantel DSL  broadband has a good customer service and they offer 24 hours quick fix. That means that if you call for their service for DSL support within 24 hours they will resolve the issue or if not they will give some rebates depending on the number of days that your internet was bad. It also depends on the factors on the issue of your problem because some issues need to be monitored before it is being closed.

Because I have been loyal to their service, a customer service call me at my mobile phone to offer a speed upgrade promo. From 1.2MBPS download speed after the speed upgrade it became 2MBPS. For 1.2 MBPS, I am paying Php1, 699 monthly plus 300 for the bundle phone.

bayantel internet connection

My Current Bayantel DSL Speedtest

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How to reset unionbank eon transaction password?

A few days ago, I checked my Unionbank eon account. I found out that my unionbank eon transaction password will be expiring next week. I was inactive using my unionbank eon account for almost three months ago so I tried to access my transaction password but I already forgot it.

unionbank eon transaction password reset
unionbank eon card

I tried to look for my record but the transaction password was not in my list. Continue reading

Friendster beta new look

I happened to drop by at tonight and I found out that it has a new look and applications. Continue reading

What is Google+ project social networking platform?

I came across about Google+ project on the internet and I wonder what it is. Good thing I have found a video about the Google+ project which is a social networking platform as it aims to make online sharing more like real life. It tries to go up against the most popular social networking “Facebook”.

I am not yet ready to try the google+ social networking platform but in time I will. I found the video of the google+ more promising compared to facebook when it comes to circle of friends sharing.

Take a good quick look of the Google+ project social networking platform. Will it go up against Facebook? See it and you may find the answer.


My Page rank update

I started this blog last August, 2010 just to  save and share what I have been doing with my extra online activities. Before the name of this blog is Simple Make Money online but I change the blog recently last March 2011 with the fresh revised one that is why I came up with Online To The Fullest.

I really don’t mind exchanging links for past months but just this week I have decided to update my links for my page rank. Before, this blog has a page rank of zero but now it has a page rank 1 without exerting pressure with my blog. Like what I have said in some of my post, blogging is my extra online activity that I don’t want to put pressure. Whenever I blog, I feel relax and I am delighted with each post because I am learning what I have created.

Yeay! Online To The Fullest has a page rank 1. Hmmmm now I am inspired again and looking forward.

My Workaholic Fingers Online

Currently I have tons of work to do online. I have tons of priority work online and because of that my fingers are complaining. Two weeks ago I mentioned in my post about my fingers are super stressed and needs a rest that I also posted there the photo of the dry chapped skin of my fingers.

I love to work, enjoy doing multitasking and super like my online work. Personally I am not complaining with the tons of work online because I consider it blessing but I can’t hide myself that my fingers are the one’s stressed.

fingers with band aid

Workaholic Fingers with Band aid

I am just waiting for another blessing to come and that is to have a very nice helpful house helper. I still don’t have a House helper so I multitask at home working online, doing household chores and taking care of my little boy and his daddy.

I Finally Met Mommy Ruby of Pinaymommyonline and other PMC

Finally, I met the blogger behind and it is none other than “Mommy Ruby” or “Mommy Rubz”. It was my first time to attend the Philippine Blogging Summit and it is already the seventh year of the event. Mommy Ruby arrived early at that event and we met her there, together with the other members of Pinay Mommies Community. Continue reading

Joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan – Who am I?

I really wanted to join the “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan” since it was first launched but I was not able to do that because weekend is a total family day for me and I can’t find extra time to post for it a few weeks ago.

Now, I am really joining. I drink a cup of coffee so I can work on my blogs longer hours tonight even though I have a whole day regular online job for tomorrow.


To introduce myself, I am supermommyjem. I choose that as my online avatar name because of my mind is shouting that name whenever I am in a situation being a super woman (LOL) that I can pass and carry all the task that I take especially being a mom.


I am a computer engineering graduate at a Manila Government School year 2003. I have worked in several companies before and decided to pursue a work at home job a year before I marry my husband. I am so thankful that I always passed the exams, interviews and I was accepted whenever I applied for a job so I always inspire others especially those with negative thoughts. I have written my simple inspiring story in my main blog.

I am a typical person with a loving responsible husband and currently with one little child.

I decided to prioritize my family over my career and to be a simple work at home mom because I believe that it is the best way that I can be a good mom. Although I am not that super updated with computer engineering fields, I supported my husband in his career as an I.T. Professional. Sometimes he shares his knowledge about it and vice versa I also shares the updates about web design and development which is my interest.

At first, my plan is to have a self-study about web design and development but later on decided to integrate wordpress to it. I tried to consult Mr. Macuha the SEO master and the blog owner of Make Money Online Philippines about my static website and I am so thankful that he advise me to turn my website into blogging.  My first very simple web design integrated into wordpress is Experience of a Super Mommy (weblog) but my main blog is Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy. Online To The Fullest is my third blog which is all about my online adventures and everything to share about.

I turned one year old in blogging last March 5, 2011 for my main blog but I don’t have a pleasure to celebrate it. Blogging is my third task after focusing on my family and regular work at home. I seldom utilize my weekend in blogging because that is my precious family day.

There are times that I scheduled posts for the week on my blogs to keep it updated. I found out that there are really many great opportunities in blogging but it takes a lot of time and energy to earn a lot so I prefer to be in the median. I don’t want to put pressure in blogging so I just do it naturally. I speak and I write on a freeway (sometimes grammatically wrong) but sometimes I’m also checking my writing for the sake of the reader. I remember I was able to speak with one of the big boss and he said to me that when I write or speak it always comes from the heart and that’s a better communication.

I am always thankful, positive and little things makes me happy. I am the type of person that always choose to be contented to what we have. I believe in good karma and bad people are punishable maybe not here on Earth but in the judgement day.

Thanks for your time in reading my post. I hope you could follow me with my other blogs and I will follow your blogs in return.

Thanks to Mommy Rubz for the super power effort in making the Pinay Mommy Community together with Mommy Willa, Mommy Peh and Mommy Janet. Also for the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan and the bloggers exchange. I am really happy for this community.

Welcome to my Fresh Revised Blog

I am so happy and thankful that I was able to successfully revise my blog’s template and niche. At first, I was really uncertain to revise my blog but upon reviewing my thoughts and advantages I finally made the decision to pursue the revision.

The first blog that I have is always updated compared to this blog but with the revision I will be more active to update this. Before it was simple make money online and now I turned this blog’s title into “Online To The Fullest”. Also, the template background before has a darker shade and now it is lighter. The template looks comfy and relaxing.

I made the graphics header of this blog and I must say that it looks refreshing and fun. I hope that my readers will like my fresh revised blog.

Enjoy reading my post because there’s a lot more here at “Online To The Fullest”.

Easiest way to install wordpress in cpanel using fantastico

I would like to share the easiest way I’ve found to install wordpress through cpanel. If your web-hosting uses cpanel, there is a chance of having Fantastico installed. Fantistico in cpanel is the easiest way to install new wordpress blog that would take less then a minute.

Steps in installing new wordpress blog through cpanel using Fantastico

  1. Login to your cpanel platform.
  2. Under Software/ Services Click Fantastico De Luxe.
  3. Under Blog, Click on WordPress. If you have an existing blog installed, you may click on new installation to proceed.

    install wordpress easy way

    Easiest Way of Installing WordPress in cpanel using Fantastico

  4. Set your admin name and password then click Install WordPress. What happens next? It will create the database, install wordpress and set your login details in as fast as less than a minute.

Thanks to Engr. Vladimir Prevolac for sharing most of the helpful topics I have learned about WordPress.

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