Dolphy Great List of Movies

Everybody mourn about the death of our dear Rodolfo Quizon Sr., or commonly known as “Dolphy” and he contributed a lot of beauty in our show business industry. We’ve known him as the Comedy King but we didn’t know yet how he started so let’s try to recall those days.

Dolphy great list of movies

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Dolphy’s first show was “Dugo at Bayan” in the year 1946 but the show “Sa Isang Sulyap Mo Tita” began his humour roles together with PanchoMagalona that they both played as a Philippine Navy where they would want to escape in the field. This movie made him to have a big break in making more comedy films.

“Jack en Jill”, a 1954 film, is role by Lolita Rodriguez (Benita) and Dolphy (Gorio) are siblings where they swapped their role as a girl being a boy and vice versa. Dolphy preferred himself to be called as Glory. This film made Dolphy be popular for a gay role followed with many movies like Ang Tatay kong Nanay, Markova:Comfort Gay, Facifica Falayfay.

In 1960’s James Bond became a very common, whether local or international and so Dolphy spoofed a lot of James Bond’s movies where he became James Batman. He was able to create his own version of Films from Hollywood movies of James Bond such as from “Dr. No” to “Dr. Yes” from “Goldfinger” to “Dolpinger”. And because of this, his viewers come to experienced great happiness and enjoyment.

Most of the sitcoms of Dolphy lasted for years, so his producers decided to make movies from sitcoms and their goal is to make a great big hit in movie theaters. Those sitcoms entitled John en Marsha and Home Along da Riles, people just love it so much that it lasted around 5 years and so, then his producers decided to create movies right from these two sitcoms because they just realized the possibility that the people will also greatly patronize the movies that they are about to make, and to even more appreciate it than the sitcoms that has been made.

Last but definitely not the least are the movies “Dobol Trobol” with his partner Vic Sotto known as the Box Office King and Father Jejemon with his son, Epi Quizon – this films simply prove that he can still cause to laugh the very teenager and youth in this generation. This attest that Dolphy is such a versatile actor that proves him that he is such a worth to be celebrated this 13th of July, 2012 as the National Day of Remembrance declared by President Benigno Aquino III for aknowledging Dolphy be the “King of Comedy.”

Blog Contributor: Janine Kuh Daquio

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