Tips in getting started with blogging and earning

Blogging is one of the easiest way to share, learn updated news and stories, connect and exchange ideas. For most blogging is the way to write down their personal journals but for some they do blogging while earning from it. I started blogging year 2010 with the aim of writing down my personal learning in life.

I was creating a static website  but then decided to turn into blogging rather than focusing on my static website.  A popular SEO blogger suggested that it would be best if I consider blogging because it is easier to manage and update contents compared to static website. So I did. It’s been two years now and I am happy with the outcome of my blogging. I have observed the progress of my blogging and now I wanted to share the basic tips in getting started with blogging.

Tips in getting started with blogging and earning

  • Create a blog from or wordpress. Blogger .com is free to use but your domain will be You can purchase a domain from google and use or you can setup a self-hosted wordpress blog. The easiest way to practice is through but if you have a friend that can teach you right away about setting up a self-hosted blog then do so.
  • Publish a quality post everyday or as often as you like. Signup in social networks like facebook, twitter and google + then setup your blog with their platform. Start sharing your post.
  • As a newbie blogger, a great way to learn in blogging is through blog hopping. Visit your favorite blogs, leave a comment and read what you can learn from them.
  • Sign up for a paypal account and unionbank EON account. Paypal is the best option in receiving your online earnings and unionbank EON account is a great way to withdraw your money here in the Philippines.
  • After one month, submit your website to major search engines like google, yahoo, bing or AOL.
  • When you get your first google page rank, I think it is good to request for exchange links with your favorite blogs with the same niche.
  • Based in my experience, it is best to monetize your blog after three months of having good quality post. Approximately after three months you will have 60- 90 published posts and already have a google page rank.

Always create quality post or article. The tips that I share are the basics in blogging and if your really wanted to pursue it, you have to be patient, hard working and positive. Good Luck!

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