Human nature sunflower beauty oil experience

I love natural products. When I heard of natural products, it usually caught my attention to learn more about those products. Last year a fellow mommy blogger has introduced Human Nature products. From human nature website, I have learned that most of their products are 100% natural, no harmful chemicals and 100% Philippine made.

human nature sunfllower beauty oil
Human nature sunfllower beauty oil

I bought 50ml bottle of human nature sunflower seed beauty oil. I replace my face cream with this and I can see a good improvement with my face. Unlike other face creams or oil, human nature sunflower oil is not greasy. My face glow and I think that my face started to become smoother after the day that I applied this. What I love about this is that it there is no foul smell on the oil.

Aside from my face, it moisturizes my hand that it get rids off my chapping skin  problem when my fingers are stress due to my online work. I just noticed that when I tried to apply a makeup foundation cream, my face became sensitive and some rashes appeared. I think because of the natural ingredients of the human nature sunflower beauty oil , my face reacted to  foundation cream that has chemical content when I apply it to my face.

I would still continue to use this beauty oil but instead of using a foundation cream, I will use a baby powder. Currently, human Nature Sunflower Beauty oil cost PhP129.75 at 50 ml bottle. You can order online or visit their kiosk or store.

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