Tips in increasing your website or blog traffic

As a website/ blog owner, I have been monitoring the statistics of my different blogs. I am super busy with my work at home online and being a full time mom. So how do I do it?

To monitor my site’s statistics, I installed statcounter and google analytics. Usually I used to check the statistics at statcounter. I am so thankful that 60- 80% of the traffic sources of my blogs came from organic search. That means that it came from different search engines. I just wanted to share simple basic tips in increasing your blog traffic.

Tips in increasing your blog traffic 

  • Publish articles/ post at least 3 to 5 times a week.
  • Create  informative and useful articles or post that might be helpful to your readers.
  • Optimize your website/blog. You may try this optimization with your wordpress theme.
  • Add your website or blog to popular social network like facebook, google +, twitter, google friend connect for blogger, etc. The more likes, followers, circles or readers you have will result in more network traffic to you.
  • If you cannot create an article or post, look for your old published articles or post in your site and use the share button to spread this article to your network.
  • Join network groups and forum. In this group, you may share your website and you can find someone with the same interest that may become your regular reader.
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