The new 7 wonders of nature 2011 winners announcement

At exactly 11:11:11 GMT (7:11:11 PM, Manila Time), November 11, 2011 (11/11/11), the voting time was closed for the new 7 wonders of nature. There are 28 finalist by which Puerto Prinsesa Underground River (PPUR) from our beloved country is also included.

According to the when I visited to check, preliminary results will be announce at 7:07PM GMT or 3:07 Manila time. I am so excited to see if the seven votes that I cast will win. Importantly, I hope that Puerto Prinsesa Underground River will be one of the winners in the new 7 wonders of nature.


The provisional New7Wonders of Nature based on the first count of vote results on 11/11/11 (source )

  • Amazon 

    amazon rainforest

    amazon rainforest, photo credit

  • Halong Bay 

    halong bay

    halong bay, photo credit

  • Iguazu Falls 

    Iguazu falls

    Iguazu falls,photo credit

  • Jeju island 

    Jeju island

    Jeju island, photo credit

  • Komodo 

    komodo island

    komodo island, photo credit

  • Puerto Prinsesa Underground River 

    Puerto Prinsesa Underground River

    Puerto Prinsesa Underground River, photo credit

  • Table Mountain 

    table mountain

    table mountain, photo credit

The list above are arranged in alphabetical order not in position or ranking. The voting calculation is being validated and verified independently.  Early 2012 during the Official Inauguration ceremonies, the confirmed winners will be announced.
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