Hair fall experience

I started to notice hair fall at the age of 28. The hair fall was not too many but I was alarmed why it happened. Based on my observation, I experience hair fall when I don’t have enough sleep and rest, stress and not eating healthy. Using different shampoos or conditioners and shampooing everyday may also lead to hair fall . Before I have a thick black, healthy-looking hair but now my hair is not as healthy and thick as before.

The best way to bring back my healthy-looking hair that I think is to keep my body healthy. I am afraid that hair fall can eventually lead to worst hair loss. As early as possible, it is better to do something better now to keep a healthy hair and body. As a woman, it is important to have a beautiful healthy hair. If there is a serious hair loss, we should consult the expert with the  hair loss treatments for women.

In my case, I think hair fall was caused by the chemicals from the shampoo that I have used before. Stress and lack of sleep are also other causes. Good thing that there are several treatments and natural products to use as an alternative to the old shampoo that I used.

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