Basic tips for bloggers brand building

Again, I would like to share what I have learned from the second blogger fiesta 2011 that I have attended. In my previous post I have shared about how to “optimize SEO in your wordpress theme”. For the benefit of those who haven’t attended the blogger fiesta let me share the “Brand building basics for Bloggers” by Speaker Jonel Uy.

Mr. Jonel Uy tackle about the brand building basics for bloggers in the second blogger fiesta. He define the 4 ‘C’s for brand building in a simple well said discussion. I just added what I understood.

  1. Character – the blogger should build a blog that is pertaining to the character itself that can be easily remembered. Tip: you can choose a domain name of your blog same with the title of your blog. If you wanted to be well known by your name you can also choose it as your domain name.
  2. Content – build contents pertaining to the niche of your blog that can be reflected with the title. The contents of your blog reflects also your brand.
  3. Context – the contents of your blog should have a positive influence on the reader. Through the positive influence that it convey, readers may follow you and it can bring good traffic to your blog.
  4. Creator – pertains to you or your character as well. Character of the blogger should not only be showing good in his writing or post in his blog but as a person he/she should also possess good values or attitude as a blogger especially in blogger events like this.

Speaker Jonel Uy is a social media consultant and the blogger behind the, and

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