My Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

I started blogging last year with my main blog “Life’s Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy” with the purpose of posting some inspirational learning that I encountered in life. During that time I am also pursuing my self study about web design and development. I found out that blogging is interesting that you can also earn from it. The first web design that I have created was for which I have integrated wordpress to it. Recently, I have changed the template to a temporary one because I am still on the process of constructing web design for that site. Currently, I am so happy that through blogging I have also met some good online friends and fellow mommy bloggers. Some of them are really influential and because of that I will be posting my top ten emerging influential blogs.

This is the first time that I will be joining on my picks for the top ten emerging influential blogs 2011. Here’s mine:

1. – When I heard/ read “pepperrific” the first thing that comes into my mind is terrific. Yes! This blog is terrific. Her posts have many inspiring spices especially for single moms. From motherhood to heart matters of a single mom, you will truly learn a lot.

2. – Motherhood is a tough high paying job that money can’t pay. This blog have real good posts for moms that can be a great help to manage a tough motherhood. Her blog is neat and the posts were properly constructed.

3. – Have you watch “A bug’s Life”? That movie is engrossing. From reading her post on her blog, I can say that it’s “A Blog’s Life”. This blog is her personal thoughts on the things that are happening around her. Be it good or bad encounter, the reader will catch up learning in a relax mood.

4. – This blog has a wide variety of posts about food. Whether you wanted to stay at home to cook for a recipe, dine in or take out, their blog has something to give your food pleasures. What I like most about this blog is that they have update on what’s new or latest promo of some food chains here in the Philippines. Each post on their blog is well presented to the reader with good details, photo and feedbacks.

5. – Blogging tools and experiences are the things which a blogger should understand. I have learned that the author of this blog has a good sense of humour. Just like her good sense of humor this blog has a good sense of readership for bloggers. Her blog contains what a blogger may need to know and learn through her real experiences.

6. – A humble blog with positive spirited attitude of a mom in taking care of the child. I consider the author of this blog as a good influence in motherhood with her good charm on parenting.

7. – When it comes to the word “influential”, the author of this blog “Mommy Rubz” is on top of my list. She’s been an inspiration especially to my fellow bloggers. Her life is like a blog with so many niches. On this blog, she shared some of her experiences  mostly on what inspires her that keeps a mommy heart so fulfilling.

8. – The author of this blog is one of the few mommy bloggers that I admired when I started blogging last year. I feel so comfortable reading her blogs with the way she created her post. I found this blog so cute and creative with unique ideas on the niche which makes it emerging.

9. – Among the blogs of my fellow mommy bloggers, I believe this blog has a handful experience when it comes to motherhood. The blog posts have good tips, suggestions and some have even step by step guide based from her personal experience.

10. – I love green living. This blog has good posts about green living and  care for our environment. It is also has a network helping spread the word about green living.

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