I Finally Met Mommy Ruby of Pinaymommyonline and other PMC

Finally, I met the blogger behind pinaymommyonline.com and it is none other than “Mommy Ruby” or “Mommy Rubz”. It was my first time to attend the Philippine Blogging Summit and it is already the seventh year of the event. Mommy Ruby arrived early at that event and we met her there, together with the other members of Pinay Mommies Community. Pinay Mommies Community members that I met there are Cielo of brownpinay.com (my good childhood neighbour), Maicel  of mommysjoyride.com , Eihdra  of oneproudmomma.com, , Ning Buning of shygirlsown.info, Divine of hotfunstuffs.com and Mhel of justanotherpixel.net (she’s not yet a mom).

I am so glad to meet Mommy Ruby the founder of Pinay Mommies Community. Pinay Mommies community was also supported with the help of Mommy Peh of pehpot.com, Mommy Willa of smart-mommy.net and Mommy Janet of peterjanet.com.

At lunch time, Pinay Mommy Cielo, Ning  and I accompany Mommy Ruby to UP hotel. We are all first timer inside the UP diliman so we ask the guard for the way. Thanks to Mommy Cielo for the ride. We travel from the Malcom hall to UP hotel. The security guard told us that it is only walking distance but we can also ride if we wanted. While we were on the way using Mommy Cielo’s private car to the UP hotel, since we did not know the exact way we keep on looking for the street name until we find ourselves routing the long way but we finally reach our destination. We almost rant complaining that it is not walking distance because of the long way that we have traveled.


UP Diliman Hotel Reception
UP hotel reception with Pinay Mommies (PMC) Ruby, Jem and Cielo.
UP Diliman Hotel
Outside the room of UP hotel at the ground floor
UP hotel room
Pinay Mommies (PMC) Ruby, Ning and Cielo at UP hotel
inside UP hotel room
Inside the room of UP hotel

When we get back to the Malcom Hall for the continuation of the iblog summit, we found out that the UP hotel is truly near the Malcom Hall. We found ourselves laughing at one another because we’ve learned the short way. At the end of the summit, I also met Karen introduced by Mommy Divine I have a fun day with the Pinay Mommies (PMC). I hope to meet more members on the Grand Eyeball this coming Sunday.


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13 responses to “I Finally Met Mommy Ruby of Pinaymommyonline and other PMC

  1. waahhh…eto na nag sisimula ng kumalat ang mga mukha ko bwahah…thanks a lot sis.until now i cant get over laughing about it if naaalala ko hayz!! hehe..see you at the EB yayy..

  2. i envy you sis, i would’ve loved to come but nowhere to leave the baby if i do..anyway, will just be seeing all you beautiful people on sunday then 😉

  3. Buti pa kayo diyan nagkita kita na sige kita din tayo if umuwi ako sa Pinas…

  4. adgitizing here 😀

  5. yay! good to see you mommies..i only knew mommy rubz 😀 hope to know other mommies there 😀 enjoy!

  6. wow! buti pa kayo! nakaka-inggit naman kayo… haaaay! sana may EB pa next time… have fun mga mommies!

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  7. Ay kakainggit! heheh! Am glad you guys already met! God bless!

  8. Hahaha… Para tayong bata promise. Hinde ko akalain na ganon pala kayo ka fun in real life. Waaaahhhh!!!

    Excited na bukas!!!!

  9. Yey! Nice meeting you Mommy Jem! 🙂

  10. wow. see you tomorrow mga sis.. what time kayo nandoon?


  11. ay galing naman … mamaya grand eb naman if pwede lang sana ako … maybe next time ..

  12. Adgitizing here, wow i bet nag enjoy kaau. Sana meron din ganyan dito sa lugar nmin. 🙂

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