Win Vintage Necklace While Helping A Deaf Child Hear

I would like to share this post about the campaign “A Cent for Kassandra’s Hearing Aid“. By joining the contest, you will not only help Kassandra but you may also win a Vintage Necklace. For the mechanics on how to join kindly click the banner below for the complete details. The Contest ends on April 5, 2011.

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Thanks to people who helped Kassandra in buying her hearing aid.

Analou P.S.
Jamie Lee
Terry Haas
Mommy Lolli
Melody Faye S. Arreza
Mommy Bambie
Mommy Genny
Chris Byrne
Mommy Willa
Mommy Clarissa
Pretzel Gurl
Mommy Anne

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One response to “Win Vintage Necklace While Helping A Deaf Child Hear

  1. Thanks for the Linky Love Mommy. I will be joining this contest here

    Mary Anne’s Musings

    I will try to post it today. Thanks again

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