Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Cold Wax Review

One of the booming popularly known easy hair removal cold wax here in the Philippines is Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring. It is cold wax so no heating is required. Most woman love to keep their skin flawless, smooth and like unwanted hair to be easily removed. Laser on hair removal have a higher cost compared to cold wax hair removal. The good things about cold wax hair removal is that you can do it yourself. Let me share my experience using the Strip It Cold Wax Hair removal.

My Experience in using Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Cold Wax

I bought the Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring online on the first week of March . It was so easy to order online you just have to read the instructions carefully and read more about the details of the product that you wanted to purchase. Aside from the Strip It Hair removal, they also have other products that you might be interested.

My order arrived in two days after placing my order. First, I submitted the completed online form to place my order then I deposit the cost including the shipping fee. Since it is my first time to try, I ordered the trial kit 100g of Strip It cold wax which includes the 100 g cold wax, cloth strip and 1 wooden spatula. I also shared about this product in my other blog at Easy Natural Hair Removal with Strip It. The trial kit cost Php 160.00 and the shipping fee is Php 60.00 within Metro Manila.To avoid itchiness and redness I also purchase Soothing Aloe Vera Gel for only Php 60.00.

I have used this product at night before I sleep and I can say that I am satisfied with the results. Before using this product make sure you have read the instructions carefully. I have only used this product once this month when I received the package. In front of the mirror, I prepare my underarm area to remove the unwanted hair. I clean it first, make sure it is dry then I applied the cold wax using the spatula. Because the cloth strip included in the package is big, I only cut a portion of it approximately 2×3 inches 0r 3×4 inches. After applying the cold wax, I immediately put the cloth strip on it then make sure it is flatten with the wax. I pull the strip in a fast movement to strip off the unwanted hair. There is a video on how to do it your way in doing using the cold wax in their site and also there is an instruction included when you buy the Strip It.

I have successfully removed the unwanted hair on my underarms using the Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring without Itchiness, redness and pain. After I use it, I use a wet tissue(make sure it’s not too wet, you can squeeze it to drain some excess water) to wipe off some mess on my underarms. I applied the Soothing Aloe Vera Gel on my underarms and it feels relaxing with its nice scent and cooling effect on underarms.

Now, it is almost a month after I used the Strip It Cold Wax and I am planning to do my second session this weekend. I personally do it myself and believe me it was so easy to use.

I would highly recommend this to all woman for a very easy way of removing unwanted hair. Also, this product is good for teenagers, models and celebrities.



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