My Adgitize 6th Proof of Payment

Today I received my sixth payment from adgitize as an advertiser and publisher for January 2011 in my paypal account. The amount is $13.39 and I will be using this fund to advertise again with my blog.

payment in paypal from adgitize Filipino

6th Proof of Payment from Adgitize

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2 responses to “My Adgitize 6th Proof of Payment

  1. visiting back my dear! thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. .Ive been a publisher of Adgitize ads for more than a year already but I wasnt able to give it enough attention thats why I didnt earn enough to reach the minimum payout which is 10.Last May after so much thinking I decided to use the paypal money I earned from some online opportunities and signed up as an advertiser in Adgitize. Unfortunately since I got too busy with the last trimester of my pregnancy and mommying later on I still wasnt able to reach the minimum payout.Finally last August 7 I received an email from Adgitize stating theyve sent some funds to my account!

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