I won from an EarDoc Giveaway contest

I am so thankful that I won from an EarDoc Giveaway Contest hosted by Mommy Einz of MommyTots. She informed me through email that I won and I had given my shipping details as well. This is the fourth time that I won in the Blog/ Giveaway contest and I must say that I am lucky.

Yesterday I received the package containing the EarDoc that I won from her giveaway through DHL. The package arrived at around 6:30pm and I am so happy to received it. I will be bringing this EarDoc in our swimming events/ outings or traveling as it says in the manual that it is helpful in ear infection or if you have a problem with ear pressure so this thing arrived just right in time.

eardoc winner
Package from EarDoc Giveaway of MommyTots

proof of prizes from blog contest
EarDoc that I won from MommyTots giveaway

Joining Blog contest and giveaways are really fun not only because of the prizes but you will also meet new online friends.

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