Facebook New Photo Viewer review

Yesterday when I tried to browse some photos in Facebook the photos to be shown when you are about to click the photo will be maximized.

My Reviews:

  • This will improve the quality of pictures shown in a larger view especially to those who has a sight problem.
  • This looks like you are seeing photos in an album which is better.
  • The black background color of the photo slide enables the user to focus on the photo being shown.
  • This will help facebook users who has a business using facebook as their online cart to show larger views of their products.

Facebook has lots of improvement and I am also happy for that. Some of the useful features that I use in facebook are facebook groups, events, news feed, networked blogs link to it, birthday reminders and chat features. If you don’t want the new facebook photo viewer then just click on F5 and the settings will be retain back to the old photo view.

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