My second proof of payment from Blogvertise

I would like to share my second proof of payment from Blogvertise that was sent directly to my paypal account last October 29, 2010. This company is really legitimate because it is truly a paying site for bloggers like me. I already got my third payment today and I will reveal it tomorrow. I am very thankful for so many blessings aside from the 3rd payment from blogvertise that I received today I am still waiting for my fourth payment possibly this coming week. This November is really a moolah month for me I guess because my birthday is coming up (lol).

Filipino second proof of payment from blogvetise

Second proof of payment from Blogvertise

I am also happy today that my blog was approved by another good paying sites for bloggers and advertisers but I will have to learn more about it first then I will share it here. If you have a computer and internet connection at home you can really make dollars but making money online is not that very easy to do just what like others see it. Like a real job it takes time and dedication for you to earn a decent amount. I am really happy that I am earning from my extra online activities aside from my real regular online job. I created this site to share what I have found and earned so others who are interested will be inspired.

View my first payment from Blogvertise.

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