My first proof of payment from blogvertise

I joined blogvertise last August 2010 and I was able to have one task from them with an amount cost $20. This is my first blogvertise income and I was able to received my first payment after a month.

First blogvertise payment proof

My first blogvertise Payment

I will be adding more post about blogvertise in my coming post.

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6 responses to “My first proof of payment from blogvertise

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  2. the valuable information you presented do help our team’s investigation for our company, appreaciate that.

    – Lucas

  3. Jem;

    try hard to get listed in payu2blog they are my sole steadt source of online earning. For a single blog lang, they had been consistently giving me $60 at an average. Not bad for someone doing it part time. at the same time you can enlist multiple blogs. some of my friends are earning more than 15th a month for multiple blogs

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