Make Money with adgitize | Earn from adgitize as a publisher

There are three ways to earn money from Adgitize: you can earn by being a publisher, advertiser or an affiliate. In this post, I will tackle first on how to earn money on adgitize as a publisher. You should have a blog or website then register first to Adgitize to join the program to start the earning potential.

Simple Steps to Earn Money as an Adgitize publisher

  1. After you register and logged in to your adgitize account, you should add your blog or web site.
  2. To maximize your earnings, you should create a blog post at least once a day in your blog that you use when you register from adgitize.
  3. In the registered blog URL, you should install the adgitize widgets/code (recommended to have at least two widgets in your blog/ I use 2 block ads with a total of 10 adgitize ads).
  4. You should click 100 adgitize ads per day. Make sure that when you adgitize, you are logged in to your adgitize and do not close that window so the clicks will be counted.

To check for the number of clicks that you’ve earned for the day (Publisher Clicks earned):

Click on Reports

Adgitize Publisher Earned

Adgitize reports

Then Click on Publisher’s Clicks earned Today

Adgitize Publisher Report

Adgitize Publisher's - Clicks earned today

Or to know if you have reach 100 clicks while adgitizing you can just simply see the adgitize counter that can be seen at the bottom of each adgitize block ads as shown below.

Adgitize counter to view if you reach 100 clicks

Adgitize block ads showing adgitize counter 100 clicks

Based in my experience as an adgitize publisher with my one blog, I have earned $0.15 per day following the simple steps that I shared above so if you are consistently adgitizing in 30 days, you may earn $4.50 in 30 days.  My first earning from adgitize as a publisher is $3.42 and this the proof of my first earnings from adgitize when I started last June. The minimum payout of adgitize is $10 for paypal transactions and $50 for payment by check transactions. I use the paypal transactions for easy and quick payments.

Click the adgitize banner below to join.

Adgitize your web site.

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